University of Central Florida Fires Professor Who Tweeted About ‘Black Privilege’

The University of Central Florida has fired a professor after his controversial tweet about “black privilege” last year during the Black Lives Matter protests led to widespread calls for his termination.

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‘Da Vinci of Debt’ Art Exhibit Highlights College Debt Crisis

An art exhibit highlighting the rising cost of college education at Grand Central Station is being touted as “the most expensive piece of art in the world.”
Photo of a sad student eating noodles

Niagara University Offers Mental Health First Aid Training Amid Pandemic

In response to the ongoing pandemic, Niagara University has started offering mental health first aid training to members of the community.
women holding protest sign about equality

Mellon Foundation Grants $72 Million to Universities for Racial Justice Projects

The Mellon Foundation announced $72 million in grants for 16 universities to work on solutions-based research which will lead to cultural and social transformation.
Harvard University

Despite Surge in Infections, Harvard to Welcome Students for Spring

Despite a spike in coronavirus numbers nationwide, Harvard University has announced that it will welcome students on campus for the spring semester.

Apple Pledges $100M for ‘Racial Equity and Justice Initiative’ to Support HCBUs

In an effort to promote racial equality in education, Apple launched its $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


What US Colleges Can Learn From Singaporean Universities’ COVID Response

Aggressive testing, social distancing measures, and cooperative students have prevented community transmission in Singapore's top colleges.

Vanderbilt Scientist Banned, Experiments Suspended After Animal Deaths

The Vanderbilt University Research Administration has suspended an animal experiment and a scientist from all “live hands-on animal work” after multiple animals died throughout the protocol.

University of Pennsylvania Professor Slammed for Using Nazi Rhetoric

A University of Pennsylvania professor has received searing criticism for using a Nazi-related phrase and gesture in a virtual archaeological conference.

Lehigh University Revokes Trump’s Honorary Degree After Capitol Siege

Following last week's violent insurrection at the US Capitol, Lehigh University will revoke the honorary degree granted to President Donald Trump in 1988.

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