Saturday, May 21, 2022

8 Ways College Students Can Shrink Their Carbon Footprint

It's never too early to start an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some cheap, accessible, and effective ways college students can reduce their carbon footprint.

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Saleswoman smiling at the camera

Walmart Program Promises $200K Salary to College Grads

A new program at Walmart will train college graduates for future store manager positions where they can earn over $200,000 a year.
transgender flag

Wyoming Senator Apologizes for Transphobic Graduation Speech

Wyoming’s first-ever female senator drew backlash for transphobic comments in her graduation address at her alma mater.
Group of students celebrating their graduation by throwing caps in the air

Snapchat CEO Pays off Student Loans of Graduates at LA School

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has paid off the student loan debts of this year’s graduates at the Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles.

39M Americans Attend College but Leave Without Degree: Study

The number of college students who have left postsecondary education without a degree has climbed to 39 million.
Stanford University

Noose Found in Stanford University Jumpstarts Hate Crime Probe

A noose was found hanging outside an undergraduate residence hall at Stanford, prompting a hate crime investigation.


Four West Point Cadets Among Six Hospitalized in Drug Overdose

Four cadets from the US Military Academy at West Point were among six spring breakers who overdosed on fentanyl-laced cocaine in Florida.

California Rep Suggests Expelling Russian College Students

US Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell proposed to expel all Russian students out of the country's colleges amid the ongoing war with Ukraine.

13 Common College Admissions Myths Debunked

Preparing college applications can be tricky, but debunking these college admissions myths can save you time and spare you from headaches.

Georgetown Prof Calls Asian Student ‘Mr. Chinaman’

A Georgetown University law professor referred to one of his Asian students as “Mr. Chinaman” during a class last week.

How to Succeed in College

College success is about more than a 4.0 GPA. From choosing the right classes and staying motivated to making lifelong friendships and decorating your dorm room, here are our top tips for getting the most out of your college experience.

8 Ways College Students Can Shrink Their Carbon Footprint

It's never too early to start an eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some cheap, accessible, and effective ways college students can reduce their carbon footprint.

These 25 College Towns Have the Best Social Life

Choosing one of these 25 college towns will make sure you have a fantastic college life — both on and off-campus.

13 Foolproof Tips to Avoid Distractions While You Study

Need to study for a big test but always find yourself on social media? Follow these 13 top tips to avoid distractions while you study.

Your Guide to College Finance

Student loans, grants and scholarships, creating a budget — paying for college is no simple matter. Here’s everything you need to know to set yourself up for financial success (and how to find student-only discounts and freebies!).

23 Colleges You Can Attend Tuition Free (Yes, They Do Exist!)

One of the worst things about college is how expensive it can be. Lucky for you, we've hunted down 23 colleges that you can attend tuition-free!

Grants to Go Back to College: Financing for the Nontraditional Student

One might think that financial aid options cater to recently graduated high school seniors only, but there are tons of grants for nontraditional students to get back (or started) in college too.

Does the Military Pay for College? The Full Guide to Education Benefits

The decision to enlist comes with loads of responsibility and life changes, but if you are absolutely sure the military is for you, rest assured that your academic dreams are possible too.

Life After College

Want to make sure the work you’re putting in now is going to pay off later? Check out these tips for getting your dream job, managing student debt, and navigating the professional world.

These 17 College Degrees Have the Highest Starting Salaries

If you're looking to pay off your student loans sooner than the rest, these 17 college degrees guarantee the highest starting salary.

14 Best College Majors for the Future to Put You in High Demand

If you want to future-proof your education, here are 14 of the best college majors to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s workforce. 

9 Student Clubs That Will Make Your Resume Stand Out After College

Ever wonder what college clubs boost your resume? No need to look any further! Here are nine awesome clubs that can do the trick.

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