Sunday, October 2, 2022

Emory to Launch Nationwide HIV Testing Program

Emory University is spearheading a project to deliver 1 million rapid HIV self-tests to areas with a high prevalence of the disease.

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Photo of a police tape reading "caution" at a crime scene

One Injured After Package Explodes at Northeastern University

A Northeastern University staff member suffered minor injuries after a package he opened exploded on the Boston campus. 
Columbia University

Columbia Admits Reporting Incorrect College Ranking Data

Columbia University admitted to using inaccurate data when submitting information to US News & World Report for the 2021 college rankings.
High school students with instructor

African American AP Classes to Debut at US High Schools

High school students across the country now have the option to enroll in an African American AP course for the first time.
College student preparing for exam and learning lessons in school library

Federally Funded Research to Remove Paywalls, White House Says

The White House ordered academic journals to make publicly funded work immediately accessible to the public after publication. 
US President Joe Biden giving a speech

Biden Cancels up to $20,000 in Student Loans

In keeping with his campaign promise, President Joe Biden announced unprecedented new measures to address student loan debt.


Private UC Berkeley Co-Op Bans White People From Common Areas

To “prevent white violence,” a private housing cooperative at UC, Berkeley prohibits white people from using its common areas.

15 Online Jobs for College Students to Make Money in 2022

There are heaps of jobs for college students where you can work online and forget about wearing pants — you just need to know where to look.

Virginia Colleges to Freeze Tuition This Fall

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has requested public colleges to freeze tuition for in-state undergraduates this fall.

Students Can Choose Name and Pronoun Under New SUNY Policy

State University of New York students can now use their preferred names and pronouns on official campus records.

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15 Online Jobs for College Students to Make Money in 2022

There are heaps of jobs for college students where you can work online and forget about wearing pants — you just need to know where to look.

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