Monday, January 24, 2022

UMichigan to Pay $490M in Sexual Abuse Settlement

The University of Michigan will pay $490 million to settle claims of sexual harassment against a former football team doctor.

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Arizona GOP Greenlights Bill Allowing Guns on Campus

Republican lawmakers in Arizona approved legislation requiring public universities to allow concealed weapon permit carriers to bring guns on campus. 
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US Largest Catholic University Gives Students Nine Gender Options

DePaul University, the largest Catholic institution in the US, upgraded its web portal to include nine gender identity options.
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California Offers Compensation for Student Volunteer Hours

California Governor Gavin Newsom has launched a new program to help struggling students pay for college in exchange for community service. 
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UMichigan President Dismissed Over Affair With Employee

The University of Michigan removed President Mark Schlissel for having an alleged affair with another university employee.
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Michigan Professor Suspended After Video to Get ‘Juices Flowing’

A Ferris State professor has been suspended after a video of him went viral in which he tells students they are “vectors of disease."


14 Trade School Subjects That’ll Get You a High-Paying Career

If you’re not sure what career path to pursue, here are 14 of the best trade school subjects for 2021 and beyond.

Alabama Sorority Ousts President, Member for Racist Comments

University of Alabama sorority Alpha Phi expelled its president after racist comments in a private group message surfaced online.

Idaho Prof: Bar Women From Engineering, Medicine, Law

A Boise State professor is urging schools to bar women from engineering, medicine, and law because independent women are "quarrelsome.” 

Former Temple Dean Forged Data to Boost College Rank

Federal prosecutors have found a former dean of Temple University guilty of faking data to boost his school’s position in national rankings.

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23 Colleges You Can Attend Tuition Free (Yes, They Do Exist!)

One of the worst things about college is how expensive it can be. Lucky for you, we've hunted down 23 colleges that you can attend tuition-free!

Grants to Go Back to College: Financing for the Nontraditional Student

One might think that financial aid options cater to recently graduated high school seniors only, but there are tons of grants for nontraditional students to get back (or started) in college too.

Does the Military Pay for College? The Full Guide to Education Benefits

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A Career in Marine Transport: Planning for a Life at Sea

Beyond the thrill of the wind in your hair and traveling the world, the appeal of a marine transport career lies in its comparatively high wages.

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