Monday, June 14, 2021

Fitchburg High School Graduate Donates Scholarship to Other Students

Recent Fitchburg High School graduate Verda Tetteh performed an inspirational act of generosity when she asked her Massachusetts high school to re-allocate a scholarship she was awarded to other students.

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Colorado Community Colleges Awarded $1 Million Scholarship Fund

The Foundation for Colorado Community Colleges has been awarded $1 million to create a scholarship program to help develop a more diverse healthcare workforce.
Photo of Dartmouth College

Dartmouth Drops Online Cheating Charges Against Med Students

The Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College has dropped all charges against a group of 17 students accused of cheating on their remote tests. 
Group of students celebrating their graduation by throwing caps in the air

‘College for All Act’ Would Make Tuition Free for Low-Income Students

Congressman Joe Morelle unveiled the “College for All Act,” a sweeping initiative to make public education more affordable throughout the country. 
National University

Faculty Organization Sanctions National University for Mass Firing

The American Association of University Professors has sanctioned the National University after investigating the mass firing of full-time professors and associate vice presidents.
Rear view of university students with backpacks walking on campus road

Wells Fargo Teams Up With Schools to Bridge Racial Wealth Divide

Seven colleges and universities across the country are collaborating with Wells Fargo to help students fight hunger, student loan debt, and other financial hardships.


Princeton Classics Dept. Removes Greek, Latin as Course Requirement

Classics majors at Princeton University will no longer be required to learn Greek or Latin in an attempt to give more students the opportunity to major in the discipline.

Penn State to Stop Using ‘Male-Centric’ Terms Such as Freshman

Penn State faculty approved a proposal that recommends changing several common college terms to their gender-neutral equivalent.

Bloomsburg University Ends All Greek Life Programs

Bloomsburg University officials announced that the school has ended all sorority and fraternity programs. 

Who Will Benefit Under President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness?

While President Biden’s plans to eliminate student loan debt will be a reprieve for many federal loan borrowers, private loan recipients can still explore their options for better repayment options.

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Who Will Benefit Under President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness?

While President Biden’s plans to eliminate student loan debt will be a reprieve for many federal loan borrowers, private loan recipients can still explore their options for better repayment options.

Capitol Attack and 2011 UC Davis Protests, Compared

The scene at the 2011 UC Davis protest was very different from the January 6 chaos in Washington, DC, but the differences are instructive.

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