Friday, July 12, 2024


Misguided Guidance: The Impact of College Counselors on Student College Aspirations

The challenges posed by misguided college counseling are profound, and colleges and universities must prioritize meaningful reforms in their counseling departments

Online Learning Platforms Promote Higher Education Equity

Online learning platforms offer vital assistance when other areas of higher education are unable to, and access to such platforms enhances equity on college campuses.

Shifting the Role of Community College and Apprentice Programs

To out-innovate competing countries, the US must shift the role of community colleges and apprentice programs.

Who Will Benefit Under President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness?

While President Biden’s plans to eliminate student loan debt will be a reprieve for many federal loan borrowers, private loan recipients can still explore their options for better repayment options.

Capitol Attack and 2011 UC Davis Protests, Compared

The scene at the 2011 UC Davis protest was very different from the January 6 chaos in Washington, DC, but the differences are instructive.

The SAT Eliminated Its Essay. Now What?

While the SAT essay is no more, students still need to demonstrate competence in essay composition and proofreading, and educators still need to ensure that students can develop cogent, evidence-based, and persuasive arguments.

Why the Test Prep Industry Must Focus on Equity of Access

SAT and ACT scores correlate with family income and wealth, reflecting higher-income students' many academic advantages. Test prep companies must address this opportunity gap.

Things Chinese College Students Say About Trump

In China, many college students see Trump's presidency as an extension of America's desperate clinging to its imperial legacy.