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10 Study Music Playlists for Students to Focus to the Max

Find your focus with these study tunes

Experts say that study music can help us focus and be more productive, among other benefits.

Thus, the hunt for the perfect study music soundtrack to accompany begins! 

If you’re curious to know which tunes can put you in the mood to study, we’ve done the hard work.

Ready to hit play? ▶️

1. Nature Music: Keep Your Study Focus, Naturally 

Nothing can compete with nature music to soothe your soul and allow you to focus on the task at hand: studying. 

But don’t just take our word for it: research proves that nature sounds can enhance mood and focus. 

We recommend a soundtrack composed of babbling brooks, rainfall, or the lazy crashing of waves against a shoreline. 🌊 

2. Video Game Music: Level Up Your Study Music

While video games are typically a top distraction, video game soundtracks can help you unlock the key to studying success. 🎮

Think about it: video game creators aim to keep you focused and engaged while you are playing a game. That’s why video game music is designed to keep you alert and excited to move on to the next level. 

But even better, that makes the dynamic nature of this music beneficial for other activities, like studying! 

Plus, with such a wide variety of choices within this genre — 8-bit, chiptune, MIDI, and orchestral scores — there’s something for every student.  

3. Classical Music: Mozart for Memory

Classical music’s positive cognitive effects have long been proven. 

Studies show that people who study while listening to classical music retain information better and are more alert, thus performing better in exams.

This musical genre has also been revealed to enhance its listeners’ overall physical and psychological health. 

Students can take their pick from the works of the biggest stars of the classical period: Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach, among others. For those who prefer modern composers (who are still alive), we recommend John Williams and Philip Glass. 

4. Cinematic Scores: Find Inspiration in New Worlds 

You can’t help but feel soaring emotions when hearing the music behind a climatic film scene. So, why not experience this when studying? 

An uplifting score will give you an instant energy boost, perfect for when you’re already drained but still have a few chapters to finish before class tomorrow, making it an ideal study playlist.

Sweeping soundtracks from iconic movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings are a great way to mix up your review sessions. 

5. Foreign Language Music: Perfect for Language Learners

Struggling with Spanish? Failing French? Some foreign language music is the study playlist you need! 

If you are studying a foreign language, listening to songs in that language can enrich your vocabulary and train your ear in listening to that tongue. 

Even if you’re not taking any language courses, these songs are still perfect for studying because their incomprehensible lyrics will keep distraction at bay. 

Unlike our other recommendations, foreign language music isn’t confined to a particular genre. You can listen to Bosnian rap, Hindu Carnatic chants, or even venture into K-pop. There’s a whole world of musical possibilities! 

6. Lo-Fi: Boost Focus With Familiar Sounds 

Lo-fi, known originally as low-fidelity music, is a genre of music that includes deliberate imperfections in the form of low hums, background noise, or misplayed notes, among others.

This genre of study music has been found to be relaxing and engaging, but not distracting. It’s also a great fit for people who prefer their music to be rough around the edges and not too “overly produced” or polished.

With its lack of lyrics and familiar sounds, listeners can easily focus on specific tasks, making it ideal for reading long chapters or writing a report.  

7. Ambient Noise: Put Your Creativity on Repeat 

Some consider ambient music to be boring because it is repetitive. But this is precisely why it is such effective study music! 

Ambient music doesn’t have lyrics, and its rhythms and melodies don’t change. The looping sounds of this genre have been shown to boost listeners’ creativity and concentration. 

Put on this playlist when you’re in for an all-nighter to stop yourself from getting distracted by the eerie quiet of your dorm.  

8. Smooth Jazz: Easy Listening for Learning   

Many students may shy away from smooth jazz because it feels…old? We say, who cares about your image when jazz has so many benefits for your study habits! 🎷

Instrumental jazz is upbeat without being distracting, keeping you on your toes while studying. It also doesn’t hurt that experts say listening to jazz reduces stress and boosts memory function.

So, if you’re preparing for an exam that requires you to remember names, facts, and dates, a jazz playlist for studying may just be your best friend.  

9. Indie Music: Study Music With Your Favorite Indie Acts

Prefer listening to your favorite independent artists while studying? Why not hit play on an indie music playlist!

This genre of music has been shown to make us more relaxed and therefore more effective in tasks such as memorization, so it’s our top choice when there are flashcards involved! 

You can choose playlists including artists like Sufjan Stevens, Alison Krauss, or Ingrid Michaelson. 

If you prefer background music without lyrics, playlists of guitar-led tunes are readily available to help you glide through otherwise long and tedious study sessions. 

10. White Noise: Drown Out Distractions

If you have a short attention span, white noise is the perfect study music for you! 

In white noise, all sound frequencies are played randomly at the same amplitude or power. We usually associate white noise with the “shh” sound produced by a TV or radio static. 

But there are now playlists that include other sounds in the same amplitude, so you’re not limited to just static. As long as your white noise playlist drowns out other stray noises that may distract you, you’re all set for a productive study session.

Plus, listening to white noise has been scientifically proven to enhance lexical learning (the learning of new words) among adults with lower attention spans. So, if you’re studying a subject with advanced terminology and concepts, let this genre help you breeze through it.  

It’s time to grab your headphones, pick a playlist, and take your productivity to the next level. 🎧

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