During a campaign rally in Philadelphia on Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden committed another in a series of gaffes when he mistook the jacket he was wearing for one representing the Philadelphia Eagles.

“I know Philadelphia well,” the former vice president told the crowd at a drive-in rally in a church parking lot. “I married a Philly girl by the way and by the way got my Eagle’s jacket on.”

However, the jacket he was wearing sported the emblem of the University of Delaware Blue Hens, the university where he received his undergraduate degree.

President Donald Trump’s campaign immediately noticed the mix-up and wasted no time broadcasting the mistake on Twitter.

The Trump campaign has regularly pointed to Biden’s chronic blunders and awkward social behavior as a sign of his old age and creeping senility, claiming that makes him unfit for office.

Last month, the Democrat stated that “210 million” people had died from coronavirus before correcting himself and saying “210,000” while making a similar blooper in June, claiming that 120 million had died.

The Trump campaign regularly plays videos of Biden’s speech mishaps, including most recently on Sunday in North Carolina.