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Brandeis University Bans Caste Based Discrimination

Massachusetts based Brandeis University has taken a lead in addressing the caste-based discrimination by including it in the nondiscrimination and harassment policies.

The caste system which is most prevalent in India inherits a kind of social class system, which divides people into rigid hierarchical groups. On Wednesday, the university president Ron Liebowitz wrote a letter to campus community informing them about the policy change.

To ensure all people are treated with respect and dignity, Liebowitz said it was necessary for the school to take the lead in addressing the important concern faced by many students and faculty members.


“Discrimination based on caste will now be expressly prohibited at our university, just as discrimination based on race, color, ancestry, religious creed, gender identity and expression, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, genetic information, disability, military or veteran status, or any other category protected by law is prohibited,” he wrote.

Going forward, the Office of Equal Opportunity will oversee all issues and complaints of caste-based discrimination.

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