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Briar Cliff University Receives $2 Million to Set Up Theology Chair


Briar Cliff University is establishing the Sisters of St. Francis Endowed Chair in Theology after receiving a $2 million gift.

The gift from the Sisters of St. Francis of Dubuque, Iowa, one of the largest in the university’s history, will boost and enrich its theology programs by providing scholarships and funding for spiritual projects and professional development.

The university will also recruit more faculty members and ensure their retention.

“Briar Cliff University is here today because of the vision of the Sisters of St. Francis nearly 89 years ago. Their influence is at the core of our Catholic Franciscan tradition of service, caring, and openness to all,” university president Rachelle L. Karstens said.

“We are blessed, appreciative, and very humbled by the Sisters of St. Francis’ continued devotion and commitment to educating our current and future students through this endowment and their extraordinary service to Briar Cliff throughout our history.”

The Sisters of St. Francis have donated more than $6 million to the university to date for various initiatives and were the first members of its Mother Dominica Society which recognizes benefactors with a lifetime giving of $1 million.

“The impact of the Sisters of St. Francis’ tireless work and deep devotion to educating our future leaders inspires us all,” Kate Katoski, President of the Sisters of St. Francis said.

“Their legacy gift will continue to enrich the lives of our students and community for many years to come,” Karstens added.


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