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New Initiative at Brown University Aims for 100 Percent Clean Energy

As a part of its efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Brown University is starting two new renewable projects to offset 100 percent of its on-campus electricity use.

The university is teaming up with Constellation and Energy Development Partners to create a 50-megawatt (DC) solar generation project on a 240-acre field in North Kingstown.

Another energy services provider will develop an 8-megawatt wind power project in Texas. Both of the projects will completely offset the annual electricity consumption generated through fossil fuels by the university.

“In choosing to offset all on-campus electricity use with renewable energy, we are taking a significant step forward in reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said university president Christina Paxson. “We realize that there is much more work ahead to ensure we do all we can to contribute to global efforts to combat the increasingly dire threat posed by climate change.”

Brendon Quinlivan, the executive director of distributed energy origination at Constellation, said he appreciated the university’s interest in choosing clean energy solutions to achieve sustainability goals.

“Increasingly, Constellation is working with schools and universities across the U.S. seeking to reduce their carbon footprint through the adoption of both on-site and off-site renewable energy solutions,” Quinlivan said.

“Brown University has been a long-standing, valued Constellation customer, and we are exceptionally pleased to further diversify its energy sourcing strategies,” he added.


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