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University at Buffalo Starts New Center to Train Sports Law Lawyers


The University at Buffalo is launching a new Center for the Advancement of Sport to promote interdisciplinary research and to train upcoming sports law lawyers.

The new center, which will be housed within the University’s School of Law, will work with cross-disciplinary research teams already operating at the university, promote sports-related legislation and implement a new mentor/network system.

The center will prepare students for careers in sports law and sports business fields, as well as in areas such as legal policy, regulatory compliance and data analytics which have grown exponentially over recent years.

“Nobody has attempted to harness university-wide resources like this,” Nellie Drew, director of the Center for the Advancement of Sport, said. “We want to make sure our students have rich, hands-on learning experiences and come out of UB absolutely qualified to assume many of the new jobs that are being formed in the sports industry.”

The school believes the center could also present new career opportunities for student-athletes who may want to pursue a career in sports law, as opposed to becoming a coach or an athletic trainer.

“A lot of these young people want to be into representing student-athletes at the agent level,” Mark Alnutt, UB director of athletics, said. “I think that is phenomenal. And I think to have that as another benefit of coming here to UB, this just opens up many more doors and opportunities from a career standpoint.”

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