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Best College Food in California [Top 10]


There are basically two types of college graduates: those who regret having gone to the college they chose and others who are rather thankful for the decision they made. Unfortunately, the first group is much larger. “Bad college food” doesn’t seem to qualify as one of the worst memories, but it does make a difference when it comes to day-to-day life on campus.

If you are in California, check out these colleges with the best food:

#10 Pomona College

In front of the picturesque San Gabriel Mountains stands the Pomona College. Promising “near endless food” on its urban campus, Pomona always features food freshly made with locally sourced ingredients. With three dining halls, it puts everything from snacks to full menus to the service of its students.

#9 Occidental College

Rejecting frozen food in favor of on-campus preparation, Occidental, too, makes our list. Its emphasis on community building through nutrients helps it qualify as a true educational center that doesn’t solely focus on theories and monotonous instruction. And all the events that highlight food safety, public health and environmental preservation add so much more to the culinary character of the college.

#8 University of California, Berkeley

The Bay Area already has a reputation for featuring some of the best food and drinks in all of California. At UC Berkeley, students take advantage of this distinction in full. On-campus eateries and cafes are as good as anywhere else in the region, and university administrators’ dedication to environmental protection and sustainability make it even better.


#7 University of California, San Diego

Imagine a university where on-campus chefs have had training in some of the best culinary centers in North America and beyond. That is what UC San Diego provides at multiple restaurants, some of which are open 24/7. And for quick bites, the number of options available, such as a permanent Mexican food truck and themed food fairs and festivals, is fascinating. All the university cafeteria locations are accessible to the general public.

#6 California Baptist University

California Baptist University brings together numerous and affordable fast food options, mixing them with those that are farm-fresh, offering specialties from around the world. The all-you-can-eat menus are drawing people from outside campus.

#5 University of California, Davis

Students consider themselves privileged at the University of California, Davis for being provided a wholistic culinary experience. It has socially responsible and environment-friendly options in various locations on campus.  

#4 Pitzer College

Every night of the week students of Pitzer College have a different feast opportunity. They can pick dishes from a variety of cuisines ranging from Latin American to Mediterranean and Southeast Asian. In doing so, they also help local businesses and support sustainability due to the university’s approach to regional and environmental awareness.

#3 Stanford University

Stanford takes its students’ dining life to a whole new level by enabling them as “dining ambassadors” — voluntary partners to local businesses serving the community around its campus. The fact that the university runs an educational farm and sells its organic produce on campus today is a clear sign of how serious its engagement with that program has become over time.

#2 University of San Diego

What distinctly places the University of San Diego to the second place is the fact that 90 percent of on-campus meals here are freshly made. Constant use of highest quality ingredients makes it an absolutely healthy and delicious place to be.

#1 University of California, Los Angeles

The university has two separate health initiatives and a full-time dietitian to guide students toward the best diet. While doing that, it also accommodates various dietary preferences. Its professionalism, cultural diversity and inclusivity when it comes food are simply dazzling.

To put the ranking above together, The College Post went through hundreds of online reviews and previous assessments, including those of Niche, The Daily MealBest Value Schools and College Rank.

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