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UCLA Student Infected in Recent L.A. Measles Outbreak


Fear gripped two campuses in Los Angeles County after the Department of Public Health announced an investigation into five confirmed reports of measles.

Among the people affected by measles includes a University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) student, who while contagious, attended classes at Franz Hall and Boelter Hall for three days during the first week of April, the university confirmed on Wednesday.

On Monday, the Department of Public Health identified five locations that were identified as having potential measles exposures, including UCLA and California State University, along with the Los Angeles International Airport, El Pollo Loco Restaurant, and El Sauz Tacos.

“Public Health investigates all cases in the county and identifies potential contacts to try to prevent additional spread of measles,” the department said in a press release. “Public Health will continue to monitor for measles cases and identify others who may have come in contact with persons with measles.”

UCLA officials have identified more than 500 students, faculty and staff with whom the student may have come into contact. Most of those individuals were cleared after a medical screening. They were also provided detailed information about measles treatment and prevention.

“I know there is concern about measles, particularly among the very small percentage of our community who have not been vaccinated,” Chancellor Gene D. Block said in a message to the community.

“Please be assured that we have the resources we need for prevention and treatment and that we are working very closely with local public health officials on the matter,” Block added.

Health department officials have asked county residents who have not been fully immunized against measles to contact their healthcare provider to get two doses of measles immunization as soon as possible.

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