Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Despite Surge in Infections, Harvard to Welcome Students for Spring

Despite a spike in coronavirus numbers nationwide, Harvard University has announced that it will welcome students on campus for the spring semester.

Apple Pledges $100M for ‘Racial Equity and Justice Initiative’ to Support HCBUs

In an effort to promote racial equality in education, Apple launched its $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Boston University to Begin Giving COVID-19 Vaccines

With an initial batch of 500 doses, Boston University will begin vaccinating members of the university community on Friday, January 15.

What US Colleges Can Learn From Singaporean Universities’ COVID Response

Aggressive testing, social distancing measures, and cooperative students have prevented community transmission in Singapore's top colleges.

Vanderbilt Scientist Banned, Experiments Suspended After Animal Deaths

The Vanderbilt University Research Administration has suspended an animal experiment and a scientist from all “live hands-on animal work” after multiple animals died throughout the protocol.

Protestors Rally Against Dixie State University Name Change

Students, alumni, and community members protested Dixie State University's proposed name change, claiming the name is an important part of the area’s history and identity.

Dartmouth College to Increase Mental Health Services and Support

With the recent suicide of a freshman and increasing reports of mental health symptoms during the pandemic, Dartmouth College will boost mental health services.

Liberty University Sues Virginia Governor Over Financial Aid

Liberty University filed a lawsuit against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, claiming that a budget change wrongfully denies financial aid to deserving students.