Monday, January 24, 2022


Miami Law Professor Claims Termination Threats Over Pro-Trump Tweets

A law professor from the University of Miami claims that the school threatened to fire him because of his pro-Trump tweet.

SUNY Oneonta President Resigns to Restore Public Trust After Virus Outbreak

After an outbreak where more than 700 students tested positive for COVID-19, SUNYt Oneonta President Barbara Jean Morris resigned.

Faculty, Students Cry Foul Over Harvard’s Tenure Denial to García Peña

Hundreds of students and faculty members across the nation have written letters to the Harvard University about its decision to deny tenure to Professor García Peña.

PhD Bridge Programs Foster Diversity, Inclusion

A study found that PhD bridge programs serve as a mechanism to empower students, foster diversity and spur a more holistic approach to graduate education. 

University of Texas Sued Over ‘Rude Speech’ Ban

A non-profit association, Speech First, has sued University of Texas for banning the speech that it considers “rude,” “biased,” or “uncivil.”

University of Louisville Announces Free Night Shuttle

Thanks to an on-campus free ride service, the students and faculty members at the University of Louisville will no longer need to spend money on commuting across the campus.