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Training Programs for Title IX Investigators Lacks Effectiveness


Most of the interview strategies used by the Title IX investigators are not tested and effective techniques, a new study conducted by Iowa State University researchers found.

Titled “Training for Title IX investigators lacks tested, effective techniques” and published in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, the study found fault with the available training programs for investigators.

According to researchers Christian Meissner and Adrienne Lyles, the Title IX training programs for investigators is not comprehensive which is mostly offered either by the for-profit companies or law firms.

“The law firms focused on how to avoid litigation and the for-profit companies were very generic and not evidence- or research-based practice,” said Lyles a professor of psychology.

The study termed the behavior observation technique taught in many training programs as inefficient . They couldn’t find the scientific evidence that victims and perpetrators have different neurobiological responses to the same event.

Researchers backed the use of evidence-based techniques that builds rapport and trust, so as to elicit more information.

“By asking open-ended questions, investigators avoid inserting any bias,” Meissner said.

“If they have information from social media, video surveillance and witnesses, they can use that evidence strategically to assess credibility of the subject and verify the information they have collected.”

The study recommended various measures to develop evidence-based interviewing best practices for Title IX investigations, which includes limiting bias during the interview, using technique of open-ended questioning, strategic questioning approaches that facilitate memory and nonjudgmental and collaborative approach.

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