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Higher Ed. Institutions Work on Strategies to Improve Degree Completion

More than one hundred post-secondary institutions across 18 states have come together to learn strategies to improve degree completion.

The institutions were selected under the Degrees When Due, a national initiative of the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), to help students who have paused or “stopped out” their studies.

Under the initiative, the schools are trained in following the best practices in degree reclamation and enable states and institutions to close educational attainment gaps, especially among historically underserved communities.

“Our Degrees When Due institutional and state partners are building a strong pathway to degree attainment for all students, including by providing an on-ramp for those who have paused their studies or ‘stopped-out,’” IHEP President Michelle Asha Cooper said.

The selected colleges and universities will undergo a nine-month online learning experience in degree reclamation to build their expertise, capacity, and infrastructure.

“It’s never too late to go back to college and earn a credential. But taking that first step is difficult for many previous students who may have experienced barriers during their educational journey,” said Jen Timmermann, Morehead State University director of transition services.

“The strategies and resources that will be provided through our partnership with Degrees When Due will help us to better identify, support, and serve returning learners,” he added.

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