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Dream College Out of Reach for Most American Students


After finishing high school, the next goal of a student is to land admissions to their dream colleges, but the majority of teenagers are not able to make it, a new survey conducted by Lawnstarter found.

More than 93 percent of American students couldn’t go to their dream colleges due to their inability to afford tuition. Nearly half of the students reported college unaffordability as the reason for not attending schools they wanted to go to.

“With the cost of college higher now than it has ever been in the past, American students are quite familiar with the idea that you don’t always get what you want,” the survey report said.

The other half of respondents said that they could afford the college they liked either by spending personal funds including parents money or with the help of scholarships.

“Paying for college isn’t easy, and students graduating with mountains of debt has become the norm — especially in the United States,” the report adds.

Nearly 42 million Americans collectively owe $1.5 trillion in student debt, and 7.2 million individuals are currently in default on those loans. Borrowers of color are significantly affected by such loans.

The survey tried to look at why students pick certain schools and then end up attending them. More than 40 percent cited academic achievement as the basic criteria set for choosing a college. Nearly 15 percent said a nice campus was important and 14 percent chose their schools because someone from their families went there. Less than 5 percent listed the sports team and the party culture as the reason.

For students, the touring of campus they are likely to join also plays a role in the number of students who finally graduate from such schools. Almost 80 percent of students who visited campus before the admission ended up graduating from that college in comparison to 65 percent of students who didn’t tour the school.

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