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Facebook Expanding ‘Campus’ Platform to Help More College Students


Multinational social networking company Facebook is set to launch its college-only platform “Facebook Campus” at 140 more schools in the country to assist more students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Initially launched at five Texas schools last year, the platform seeks to make it easier for students to connect with others who have common interests at their school.

Facebook Campus allows students to create campus-specific profiles to share information such as their major, graduation year, and where they are from. These details can help them create study groups and plan events.

Kent State University, the University of Akron, Ohio State University, Ohio University, and the University of Toledo are some schools that will participate in the expansion.

This latest initiative is reminiscent of the company’s original college-focused social network. Then called “The Facebook,” the site was meant for Harvard University students to connect with schoolmates by posting photos, personal information, class schedules, and clubs they belonged to.

Perks of Facebook Campus

Facebook Campus features a directory that students can access to meet people from the same classes, years, majors, or organizations. Through the directory, it will be easier for students to connect with their peers.

The platform also allows students with verified .edu emails to be part of a unique college-specific community. This is similar to the 2004 version of Facebook, where users needed a .edu email to create an account.

“We wanted to create a product where it was easy for classmates to meet each other, foster new relationships, and also easily start conversations,” Facebook Campus Product Manager Charmaine Hung told online newspaper TechCrunch in 2020.

She also pointed out that the platform is more relevant now, considering that the ongoing health crisis has forced universities to hold classes online.

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