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New Scholarship to Benefit Fairmont State STEM Students


Fairmont State University hopes to open more doors for students in the science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) fields, particularly women and other minorities, through a new scholarship.

In a press release, the institution announced that it has been awarded the $25,000 scholarship by local company A3L Federal Works in honor of its current president’s late father to assist the next generation of STEM professionals. 

The Mr. Karim Maher Memorial Scholarship will be divided into four annual awards of $1,250 to eligible Fairmont State students. Women and minorities majoring in STEM subjects will be shown preference in the application process. 

“It is through the generosity of organizations such as A3L Federal Works that the important education in the STEM areas will go from good to excellent at Fairmont State,” said Fairmont State Foundation President Gary K. Bennett.

An Ally of Women

Mr. Karim Maher, a successful real estate businessman and municipal planner, long believed that women deserve a place in STEM fields, even encouraging his daughter to pursue a career in engineering.

“He was instrumental to my education as an engineer. I owe my drive to succeed and my can-do attitude to my father. His love and confidence in my abilities helped me aim high and achieve my goals,” Roya Maher, President and CEO of A3l Federal Works, said. 

“He was a great man, and he had a heart of gold. I hope to keep his memory alive and continue his legacy by starting this scholarship and supporting amazing West Virginia students,” she added.

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