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Georgia State Ranks First in Awarding Degrees to African-Americans


For African American students, when it comes to awarding bachelor’s degrees, Georgia State University tops the list of not-for-profit colleges and universities in the United States.

The ranking list compiled by Diverse Issues in Higher Education gave the top spot to Georgia State for the sixth consecutive year. The schools has been awarding bachelor’s degrees in different subjects like foreign languages, finance and financial management services, biological and biomedical sciences, social sciences, literature, marketing, history, linguistics, and psychology to the black students.

“Georgia State’s graduate programs attract outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who go on to become leaders in business, academia, as well as government and health sectors,” Lisa Armistead, associate provost for graduate programs said. “Diversification of the nation’s professional workforce is a high priority for the institution.”

Apart from conferring bachelor’s degree, the university is also a leader in awarding master’s degrees to students from racial and ethnic minority groups. It ranks fifth in physical sciences and business fields.

“Among African-Americans, the university is in the top 15 among U.S. universities in majors for master’s degrees in fields, including business, physical sciences, public health, mathematics and statistics, biological and biomedical sciences, public health, parks, recreation, leisure and fitness studies and area, ethnic, cultural, gender and group studies,” the university release reads.

Lately, the university has pushed its efforts to ensure that students from underrepresented groups enter the various graduate and professional programs offered by it. Its Center for the Advancement of Students and Alumni has already taken steps to encourage students to enter into career-oriented programs.

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