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NCAA Imposes Sanctions on Georgia Tech for Breaking Rules


National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has imposed sanctions on the Georgia Institute of Technology’s basketball team for violating various rules.

On Thursday, NCAA put the school on four-year probation for major recruiting violations, including a limit on recruitment, reduction in scholarship and a fine of $5,000 plus 2 percent of the program’s budget, according to a Fox News report.

The university received a notice from the NCAA in March alleging its men’s basketball team of three different rule violations which includes its former assistant coach, Darryl LaBarrie, taking a team member to a strip club in Atlanta in November 2016, and facilitating improper recruiting contact with a person described in the notice as a representative of the school’s athletics interest.

LaBarrie along with Ron Bell is also accused of breaking recruitment rules, providing undue benefits and falsification of information to the association.

LaBarrie was placed on administrative leave by the school in November 2017 and tendered his resignation later on in the season.

The decision to impose sanction was taken months after the university submitted its response to the allegations.

“As athletics director and an alumnus, I regret and I am embarrassed that these violations occurred at Georgia Tech and agree with the NCAA that these actions have no place in collegiate athletics,” the school director of athletics Todd Stansbury said in a statement.

He further said that after assuming the charge, he has taken various measures and brought sweeping changes to ensure compliance with NCAA rules.

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