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Haverford College Student’s Free Tutoring Service Gains More Volunteers


Haverford College student Brett Mozarsky continues to see the growth of Free for the Frontline Tutors — an initiative to assist frontline workers’ children with their education. 

Mozarsky launched the free tutoring service with only five student tutors but now there are approximately 50 volunteers teaching subjects such as biology, chemistry, math, and Spanish.

When the pandemic shut down in-person learning, the Haverford senior realized that health care workers were unable to put in the time to help their children in middle school and high school adjust to remote classes.

“[Those kids] lost not only access to books and teachers but also academic help from their busy parents who were working overtime in hospitals and other medical facilities,” Mozarsky said in an article on the college website.

Free for the Frontlines

Reflecting on his experience teaching fellow college students in a Peer-Led Team Learning Program in college, the Free for the Frontlines Tutors founder knew the benefit his skills could offer these families and he was adamant it be provided for free.

Mozarsky attributes the initiative’s success to the team of college students who are willingly donating their time for the cause.

“Every member of this team is incredibly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and kind-hearted. Without their willingness to take initiative and help out, we would not have been able to provide tutoring services at all,” he said.

Mozarsky plans to offer his services to all essential workers, not just those in the healthcare industry. And while he is excited for his students to resume their in-person classes, the free tutorial initiative will continue even when the pandemic is over.

Giving Back

Other college students have tried to brighten the lives of those around them in their own special way.

Ben Berman, a Wharton graduate student, decided to spread the love in his community by developing a pulley system that allows him to give away pizza slices to hungry people in the streets from his apartment window.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Brandon Practico, two brothers attending Clarkson University, have started a care package business that allows students forced to spend their break away from family due to the pandemic to connect with loved ones.

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