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Hispanic Scholarship Fund Receives $30.7 Million for Student Career Support


Hispanic students across the nation will soon have more programs and resources at their disposal to carve out their path from college to career.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), the nation’s largest nonprofit organization supporting Hispanic American students, has received a $30.7 million grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. to create the Hispanic Career Pathways Initiative (HCPI).

The initiative will provide knowledge, networks, and skills to Hispanic college students, helping them find suitable employment in the currently competitive job market.

The initiative, scheduled to launch in September 2020, will help thousands of Hispanic students across the nation to get career services by dramatically enhancing HSFs existing technology platform.

“While we currently provide scholarships and support services to thousands of students, our ultimate goal is to ensure that they graduate with a clearly defined path to a meaningful and rewarding career,” Fidel A. Vargas, president of HSF, said in a statement.

“This grant will help HSF to provide a host of critical services and programs—from early career planning, preparation and discernment, to career exploration and personalized guidance—that will help students make smart academic and career choices and be more prepared to succeed in today’s workplace.”

Under the initiative, students will be able to access an online program and career pathways curriculum that will walk them through the essential stages of career planning. Additionally, students will get personal career support and guidance by being put in touch with career mentors.

Students who will complete the curriculum set by HSF will also have opportunities to intern and potentially find a job with corporate partners participating in the initiative.

“By leveraging HSF’s strong relationships with its higher education partners and alumni and an impressive array of employers across the country, the Hispanic Career Pathways Initiative holds great promise to improve the lives of Hispanic students and their families for years to come,” N. Clay Robbins, chairman, president and CEO of the Lilly Endowment, said.

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