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Cheyney University Announces Institute to Study Race and Ethnicity


Cheyney University of Pennsylvania on Tuesday announced the formation of a research institute to address and study contemporary issues related to race, ethnicity, access, and diversity in American society.

 The Contemporary African American Experience (ICAAE) recommended by the Cheyney University Task Force will test solutions to issues concerning communities, organizations, and individuals and serve as a facilitator in encouraging communication and establish networks.

Cheyney President Aaron A. Walton believes that the institute will produce enormous benefits for the campus community along with the region and entire country.

“It will be a center for research and the study of the important issues of the day,” Walton said. “As the oldest historically black university in the nation, Cheyney University is the ideal location to house this institute. We already have a rich history; this new institute will help us to experience an even brighter future.”

Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Wolf announced that the institute will provide STEM learning and training that will create an educated-skilled workforce and serve as a catalyst to state’s economy.

According to State Senator Vincent J. Hughes the topics that institute aims to address are very important to the success of the state and the nation.

“Understanding the topics the ICAAE aims to address is vital to the success of our state and nation, and it is crucial we continue to push for progress on issues of race, ethnicity, access, and diversity,” Hughes said.

Thomas Jefferson University and Epcot Crenshaw Corporation have partnered in the institute while Starbucks Foundation will partner on future research projects.

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