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American Bar Withdraws Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Accreditation

The American Bar Association (ABA) has withdrawn its approval of the California-based Thomas Jefferson School of Law for not-complying with various set standards, the association announced in a statement.

The decision was made last month by the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the association, after placing the school on probation since November 2017.

The council originally found that the school’s financial resources, admissions practices, academic programs, and bar passage outcomes were not satisfactory.

According to a memo posted online, the school did not comply with Standards 202(a) and (d) which address program resources; 301(a) which deals with legal education program objectives; and 501(b) which focuses on admissions including interpretations 501-1 and 501-2, both of which discuss factors to consider in admissions.

The school has strongly condemned the council’s decision and said that it has complied with the necessary standards set by the ABA.

“The Law School has taken concrete and significant steps in response to the Council’s concerns, and has fundamentally changed, transforming into a smaller, stronger school,” the school said in a release.

The school also claimed that it has reduced its debt and expenses, improved admissions practices and recruiting strategies, and enriched its legal education, academic support, and bar preparation programs.

The council has directed the school to file a teach-out plan within ten days or to file an appeal against the decision no later than July 10.

“If the Law School reports to the Managing Director within that 10-day period its intention to appeal the decision, the direction to file the teach-out plan will be stayed until further direction is given to the Law School,” the Council said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the school continues to maintain that it will remain on the list of ABA-accredited law schools.

“Thomas Jefferson School of Law will continue to make every effort to ensure an excellent legal education for its students,” the school added.

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