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Lyon College Student Found Dead, Family Suspects Foul Play


A student at Lyon College in Arkansas, 19-year-old James Gilfedder, was found dead inside his dorm room on Saturday. While still waiting for the autopsy results, Gilfedder’s family suspects his death is the result of a hazing event gone wrong.

The Batesville Police Department arrived on the scene around 12:38 pm and began an investigation.

Batesville Police Chief Alan Cockrill told KATV that Gilfedder went to a party with the school’s baseball team prior to his death. Investigators noted that the social gathering took place “at a residence on Boles Street owned by Huffmania Ventures, LLC” which was co-owned by one of the baseball coaches. 

The police have notified the family of the incident and are waiting for the results of the autopsy before handing over their evidence to the prosecutor.

Foul Play

With no formal autopsy result to determine what happened, Nikki Gilfedder, the victim’s mother, is suggesting that something more sinister is at play because the information presented to them “didn’t all match up.”

“Somebody did something. Somebody hurt him. Somebody killed him. He only drank a fifth of vodka that would not kill my son,” she told KATV.

The family believes that Gilfedder’s death is the result of a hazing event that went wrong. However, no proof of foul play has been confirmed as of now, since Batesville police and Lyon College have not released any new information.

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