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$1 Million Gift to Support Marquette University’s First Generation Students


Marquette University has received a $1 million gift to support first-generation students enrolling in the college, the university announced in a release.

The gift, donated by Barry C. Cosgrove, the CEO and chairman of Blackmore Partners, and his wife Ingrid, will create the Marion Krug Cosgrove Endowed Scholarship. The scholarship is named after Cosgrove’s mother, and will help students studying in the College of Business Administration and majoring in journalism.

“Those who most often get caught in the struggle of higher education costs are the same students who most need a fair chance at the advantages of a Marquette education,” Cosgrove said.

“My hope is that this scholarship provides low income, first-generation students a chance to build their skills and confidence. Their dreams are just as important and achievable as those who are fortunate to grow up in a more privileged environment.”

Marquette’s current student population represents the most diverse student body in its history, with one in five students being a first-generation college student and a quarter being students of color.

“Barry and Ingrid’s philanthropic leadership reflects our emphasis on endowed scholarship as our greatest university-wide funding priority,”  Tim McMahon, vice president for University Advancement, said. “Working alongside them on this gift reinforced for me the strength of Marquette’s values among our generous alumni and friends.”

Wide Gap in Support for First Generation Students at Institutions [Study]

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