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MSU Fish Innovation Lab Announces $1.15M in New Grants


The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Fish at Mississippi State University (MSU) recently announced $1.15 million in grants. The funds will bolster its research on solutions for global food insecurity through sustainable and reliable fish supplies.

As part of the Feed the Future program, the fish innovation lab was created to enhance the nutrition, food security, and livelihood of developing countries through research focused on “sustainable aquaculture and fisheries systems.”

“Fish are an essential source of animal protein and income for people in developing countries,” said Fish Innovation Lab Director and MSU Professor Dr. Mark Lawrence in the news release. “These new projects expand the Fish Innovation Lab’s work to ensure more people can access fish as part of their diet and benefit from livelihoods in aquaculture and fisheries sectors.”

A Closer Look

The grant will support six projects studying aquaculture and fisheries movements in Bangladesh, Ghana, Malawi, and Zambia. Experts from top US universities and research institutions from developing countries will be chosen as project leaders.

The goals of each project include improving market access for aquaculture producers and consumers, assessing the impact of shellfish on diets, developing vaccines for bacterial diseases in fish, and improving aquaculture productivity through genetically modified species.

“The research program cultivated by the Fish Innovation Lab aims to produce applicable research results, increase the capacity of local partners, and support the adoption of new innovations,” Lawrence said.

MSU will serve as the lead research institution as well as managing the program.

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