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North Carolina University Professor Charged for Removing Political Sign


A University of North Carolina professor has been charged with misdemeanor after she was caught pulling down a lawfully placed political sign.

Professor Amanda Wray, along with a woman, was seen taking off a political sign by Mike Summey, who is a treasurer at the local political action committee Angry Buncombe Taxpayers.

“Drain the swamp” political signs were placed to garner support for a Republican candidate running in November 6 elections.

“If you’ve got a difference of opinion, you don’t go out stealing or damaging the property of people with other opinions,” Summey told Citizen Times. “And if you’re an intelligent person, like an associate professor, you should know better.”

On Sunday morning, Wary turned herself in to the local authorities.

“It’s not often the case that people actually come upon people in act of stealing a sign,” Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan told Citizen Times. “Charges for that kind of thing are few and far between in Buncombe County. But it is a law, and it’s one that we will enforce if somebody can get that kind of evidence.”

Meanwhile, the university has distanced itself from the incident and termed it as an issue between law enforcement and a citizen.

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