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Former Oklahoma University President Accused of Sexual Harassment

77-year-old David Boren, who was a U.S. senator, former Oklahoma governor and held the reins as president of Oklahoma University for 24 years, is currently being investigated by the Jones Day Law Firm for sexually harassing the male aides, The Oklahoman reported.

Although the school has not publicly disclosed details about the nature of the allegations against Boren, Lauren Brookey, the university’s vice president of marketing and communications, confirmed that the university received complaints of sexual harassment.

“The University of Oklahoma received allegations of serious misconduct that it was legally obligated to investigate,” Brookey told The Oklahoman. “The University retained the Jones Day firm to conduct an independent investigation, which is ongoing at the current time. Appropriate individuals will have an opportunity to be interviewed during the investigation.”

Boren’s attorney has claimed that both the university and the law firm have failed to provide him and his client with information about the allegations leveled against him.

“We’re just completely in the dark, I’ve asked for a long period of time… for a meeting with this lead attorney from Jones Day… because we’ve never received any information – any,” attorney Bob Burke told OUDAILY.

“It’s just frustrating that some leak of information that we don’t even know… it’s so sad that the that the story had to come out, and it’s hard to defend against something that you don’t even know who, or when, or is it five years ago, is it ten years ago, we don’t know.”

Meanwhile, the allegations have shocked the university community and have made some students rethink their school choice.

“It makes me rethink where I go to school. I think, ‘Is this true?’ and then other people think bad about our school,” OU freshman Blair Rutherford told KTUL TV. “It’s still spread out there. People still think of OU in a bad light whether it’s true or not.”

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