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Couple Gifts Penn State College of Nursing With $27M


Pennsylvania State University (PSU) expects to receive a generous donation from Ross and Carol Nese, who are longtime supporters of the university, to reinforce its nursing program.

In a news release, the couple pledged to give $27.125 million to the College of Nursing — the largest donation for the academic unit and the second-largest pledge to any department in the school’s history — to help prepare new, quality health-care professionals. 

“The Neses’ gift will allow the College of Nursing to dramatically increase the number of health-care professionals who graduate from Penn State each year, prepared to meet the needs of patients and communities,” said PSU President Eric J. Barron.

Penn State’s Response

With an additional $17.9 million from Penn State, the couple’s donation will fund a great many important initiatives. These plans include undergraduate and graduate scholarships to attract and recruit promising students and top-of-the-line infrastructure and technology support to increase the college’s physical space. They will also purchase high-tech equipment for the classroom, simulation, and innovation. The funds will also provide seed funding for new teaching, research, and entrepreneurial ideas from faculty and students.  

Laurie Badzek, the dean of the College of Nursing, said that the college will undergo a transformation thanks to the Neses’ generosity.

“The impact of this new funding cannot be overstated. We had been on track to graduate over 5,000 new bachelor’s-prepared nurses in the coming decade, but with the Neses’ gift, we can increase the number of nurses entering the profession over the next decade by a minimum of 20% or more,” Badzek said. 

Additionally, the PSU Board of Trustees also voted to honor the gift by renaming the college as the Ross and Carol Nese College of Nursing in a Thursday meeting. 

“I am delighted to be able to celebrate the Neses’ continued commitment to Penn State and to the future of nursing in our country by renaming the College of Nursing in their honor,” said Matthew W. Schuyler, chair of the board. 

“We will be so proud to have their name permanently associated with the College of Nursing and with the graduates who leave here with the best possible preparation to undertake the challenging, but essential, work of nursing,” he added.

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