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16% of College Students Misuse Stimulants to Get Better Grades [Study]


In order to get better grades, 16 percent of the college students misuse prescription stimulants, a new survey has found.

The U.S. undergraduate, graduate and professional students survey conducted by the Ohio State University found that 28 percent of students find it easy to obtain stimulants to improve their grades, while 20 percent confirmed obtaining sedatives to relieve anxiety.

The survey also found that 79 percent of students misusing drugs knew the place from where to get the help in case they were worried about the misuse.

“One of our major findings is how many students who misuse prescription drugs are getting those pills from fellow students. A vast majority of our survey respondents aren’t keeping their medications in a locked, secure place and that’s worrisome,” Anne McDaniel, executive director of Ohio State’s Center for the Study of Student Life, said.

The researchers have found that 21 percent of students gave stimulant medication to their friend or peer in last 12 months, while 11 percent out of them reported selling the same.

“According to the national research, feelings of anxiety and anxiety diagnoses have really increased in the last decade, and the data shows that some students report that they deal with their anxiety by taking medications that aren’t prescribed to them,” she added.

The study on prescription drug misuse began in 2008 with a collaboration between the university’s College of Pharmacy, Center for the Study of Student Life and the Student Wellness Center.

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