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Non-Profit Launches Major Initiative to Tackle Students’ Basic Needs Insecurity


A non-profit organization is awarding nearly $3.1 million in grants to various organizations to address the basic needs insecurity among college students.

Over the period of the next three years, the Los Angles based ECMC Foundation will give grants to at least 7 different organizations and colleges. The grants will be used to tackle food and housing insecurity, childcare, mental health, financial assistance, and transportation.

Nationally, 46 percent of students at two-year community colleges and 36 percent at four-year colleges experienced some degree of housing insecurity during the past year, a survey conducted by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab found. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report estimates 30 percent of college students to be food insecure.

“Today the education and philanthropic communities understand that basic needs security is crucial for postsecondary education success,” said Peter Taylor, president, ECMC Foundation.

“While efforts that address students’ basic needs exist, there has been a tremendous opportunity for philanthropic leadership and strategic investment devoted to the issue. That is why ECMC Foundation is proud to support the first initiative of its kind to address student basic needs—and ultimately, help students cross the finish line to graduation.”

Institutions that are part of the initiative are Arkansas Community Colleges, Auburn University Foundation, Ithaka S+R, John Burton Advocates for Youth, Michigan Community College Association, The University of Texas at San Antonio and United Way of King County.

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