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Texas University Starts Graduation Help Desk for Students

The University of Texas at Dallas is starting a Graduation Help Desk to assist its undergraduate students with completing their programs on time.

University officials announced on Thursday that the new desk funded by The University of Texas System would help the students in getting the resources and right people on campus.

The desk that will be led by Angela Scoggins, an associate director of academic outreach, will help in coordinating academic, financial or personal issues across schools and different offices.

“I remember what it was like as a student when I walked out of an office knowing less than when I went in. Oftenit’s a matter of not asking the right questions,” Scoggins said. “I take it very seriously to know what’s going on with students.”

The university has asked its faculty members and academic advisors to get those students who are facing a barrier to graduation in touch with the help desk.

“Often it’s a matter of students not understanding University policies and procedures or not knowing the questionsto ask. We can help come up with creative solutions. The important thing isthat we keep communication lines open,” Scoggins added.