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University of Oklahoma Announces Free Tuition for Oklahoma Students

The University of Oklahoma is starting Crimson Commitment Program next academic year to make its degree programs accessible and affordable for in-state students.

Under the program, students-recipients of Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship won’t have to pay a single dollar in tuition for four years, along with personal and academic support.

“It’s commonplace for colleges to annually raise tuition and fees, however, as a university we decided not to do that this year. Instead we are prioritizing affordability so access to an OU degree can be more attainable,” Jeff Blahnik, associate provost for Enrollment Planning, said.

“Crimson Commitment makes it very clear to our Oklahoma’s Promise-eligible students that we are doing everything we can to make OU an affordable option.”

The university has also put a freeze on tuitions for 2019-2020 academic year and increased scholarship options for all the incoming students.

“We are taking action to make OU more affordable to Oklahomans and want students in the state to think of OU as their future college home,” Blahnik added.

In recent years, many colleges and universities across the country have started offering tuition fee cuts or waivers to ease the debt burden on students. But most of the institutions are yet to follow the suit forcing students to fall in the debt trap or spend hours on paid employment.

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