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University of Virginia Plan to Make College Affordable, Increase Diversity


Months after taking over the reins of the University of Virginia, President James Ryan is all set to realize his goal of making UVA the best public university in the country by 2030.

Last week, the Board of Visitors approved “A Great and Good University – the 2030 Plan,” that includes 10 key initiatives to strengthen the university’s foundation and cultivate the most vibrant community in higher education.

The plan will be implemented by diverting funds from the university’s Strategic Investment Fund, philanthropic support, University funds, debt service, state funds, and other sources.

The university will work on making the cost of college accessible and affordable by starting SuccessUVA program that will extend financial aid to more low- and middle-income, first-generation and underrepresented students.

Currently, the university is providing free tuition and boarding for students whose families earn less than $30,000.

Creating an inclusive and supportive environment for staff is also one of the top priority of the plan. The University will prioritize the recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty.

“Today, we have taken these three general concepts and we have begun the work of converting them into tangible programs,” University Rector James B. Murray Jr. said.

“With the adoption of this strategic plan the board has helped launch the entire University community with a new sense of purpose.”

In-person and online educational opportunities for working adults will also see expansion under the new plan. Those undergraduate students who enter public service will be eligible to have their loan forgiven.

The university has also chalked out an initiative to help the surrounding communities. It will address key challenges, including housing, living wages, local educational opportunities and access to health care.

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