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Washington University to Increase Employee Wages to $15 Per Hour

Washington University in St. Louis is increasing the hourly wage of its regular and contract employees to $15 per hour starting in July 2021, chancellor Andrew D. Martin said in a release.

The school will transition to this new wage level over a period of two years, with wages increasing to $12.65 per hour for regular employees and $12.25 per for basic service contractors in July 2019, followed by an increase to $13.80 per hour for both regular employees and basic service contractors in July 2020. The new $15 per hour wage rate will take full effect on July 1, 2021.

The decision was made by university leadership after assessing the school’s financial status and consulting with students, university employees, community activists, and St. Louis religious and social justice leaders.

“Washington University is an employer of choice here in the St. Louis region and nationally,” Martin said. “We strive to create a strong, positive working environment for the very best employees any institution could hope for, and we are committed to helping all members of our community lead fulfilling lives.”

The increase in the hourly minimum wage will affect the pay rates of nearly 1,200 employees.

Earlier this January, the University of Virginia, Duke University and the University of California also implemented increased wages on their campuses, affecting thousands of employees overall.

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