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Washington University Adopts Need-Blind Admissions Policy


The Washington University in St. Louis announced that it is adopting an undergraduate admissions policy to make education more accessible to qualified students, regardless of their financial background.

Called “Gateway to Success,” the policy will allow the school’s admissions committee to accept students without regard to their ability to pay.

According to Chancellor Andrew D. Martin, the initiative was made possible due to a significant increase in its endowment during the 2020-21 fiscal year which saw a record 65 percent return. The windfall has allowed Washington to invest $1 billion in providing more financial aid to students.

“Since I became chancellor nearly two years ago, becoming need-blind has been a top priority,” Martin stated in a press release. “This is a proud moment for us as an institution and I’m grateful to all who have contributed along the way.”

Of the $1 billion, $800 million will be allotted to meet the demonstrated financial need of undergraduate students. The other $200 million will be used to support graduate students.

‘Far from Done’

Despite his university making admissions easier for low-income students, Martin admitted that the school’s work is “far from done.”

He said the next step is ensuring that students from all socio-economic backgrounds have the support and resources they need to succeed, remarking that school administration will redouble its efforts to provide students with the tools to thrive and fully participate on campus.

“We take this responsibility seriously. Continued philanthropic support from alumni, parents and friends will be critical to building on this investment in our students and ensuring access to an excellent WashU student experience for generations to come,” Martin explained.

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