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Washington State University Approves Tuition Increase

Washington State University is increasing its tuition price for all of its undergraduate and graduate programs.

Last week, the Board of Regents, approved a 2.4 percent increase to both in-state and out-state tuition rates. The 2019–20 tuition increase is the first in seven years for graduate and non-resident students.

The move is expected to generate an estimated $5 million in revenue, which will help cover the cost of health insurance and cost‑of‑living increases for faculty, including graduate students, and staff.

“State law gives the governing boards of Washington’s public universities the authority to set tuition rates, though a series of economic indicators are used to set restrictions on how much certain tuition categories can be raised in any given year,” the university said in a release.

The Regents also signed off on the fiscal year 2020 athletics budget, in which the school’s athletics department has committed to balancing its budget by 2023.

Finally, the Regents authorized the $2.5 million purchase of a nearly 50‑acre plot of land for the university’s Honey Bee and Pollinator Research and Education program.

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