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Stanford’s Online Chemical Engineering Program Ranked Best in Nation

Stanford University has been named the top online college for chemical engineering in the nation.

The list, released by OnlineCollegePlan.Com, ranked twenty institutions across the country that provide the best programs in Chemical Engineering for online learners. The website used factors like freshman retention and graduation rates to score each school out of a possible 200 points.

Stanford ranked first with a score of 192 out of 200 for its Master of Science in Chemical Engineering program which takes place primarily online, in addition to a few on-campus classes. Furthermore, the university has an overall graduation rate of 94 percent and freshmen retention rate of 98 percent.

Columbia University came second in the ranking with a score of 191. Its overall graduation rate currently sits at 94 percent, and its retention rate sits at 97 percent. The university’s Masters program in Chemical Engineering takes place completely online and consists completely of electives.

The University of Virginia’s Online Department of Chemical Engineering masters program ranked third for preparing students for careers in plastics, energy, and pharmaceutical industries, or industrial or governmental positions. The program curriculum also requires students to take core courses in thermodynamics, chemical reactions, and techniques for chemical engineering analysis and design.

“There is a shortage now of qualified individuals in the field. Chemical engineers play an invaluable role in our everyday lives, from cleaning products to jet fuel,” the website said in a release. “As manufacturing continues to expand as an industry, the demand for chemical engineers will only rise with it.”

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