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Bucknell University Investigating Attack on LGBTQ House


Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University announced it is investigating an attack on an on-campus home for LGBTQ students that took place last week.

A group of roughly 20 male students from a former fraternity allegedly harassed and intimidated the residents at Fran’s House, an on-campus affinity housing for LGBTQ students. They banged on doors and windows demanding to be let in while scared residents locked themselves inside. Screaming, “This isn’t your home,” the perpetrators allegedly urinated on the porch and hit a pole that held a pride flag.

Fran’s House formerly housed the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity until the group was removed two years ago amid hazing and underage drinking allegations. The fraternity is no longer recognized as a student organization and has been banned from campus operation.

Recounting the fear and horror from that evening, Fran’s House residential adviser Tyler Luong said they felt helpless while waiting for Public Safety Emergency to arrive. 

University Response

University President John Bravman and other administrators have condemned the “horrific incident,” saying the school will not tolerate such actions. “We are both outraged and sorrowful that the residents endured this violation of the space that is so critically important to them as a community,” Bravman wrote.

In response to the potential violations of the school’s code of conduct, Bucknell has hired an external firm to launch an immediate investigation into the incident. Based on the findings of the investigating committee, the university will determine “appropriate consequences.”

To foster a sense of safety and belonging within the campus, the university will also implement educational and professional development for public safety officers.

‘What Happened to This House is Abhorrent’

Students who live at Fran’s House issued an online statement thanking the Bucknell community for its support.

“What happened to this house is abhorrent. Appropriate actions must be taken by the Bucknell administration to ensure nothing like this will ever happen again,” the collective statement reads.

The students also pledged full compliance with the ongoing investigations and demanded that Fran’s House be made the permanent home for the LGBTQ community so that no one “feels entitled to come to our home and say it’s ‘their house and not ours.’”

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