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Parents Concerned About Mental Health Issues on Campuses [Survey]


Most of the parents remain concerned about mental health issues on college campuses across the country, a survey conducted by Marie Christie Foundation found.

The non-profit surveyed 1,010 parents of college students nationwide to explore a variety of issues related to student mental health.

Overall, 77 percent of the parents said mental health issues are “very” or “somewhat” serious on campuses, while 53 percent called it serious on their own student’s campus.

At least 36 percent of them view mental health issues among the top threats to campus safety. While comparing to their time in college, 72 percent of parents think mental health issues are more common now, while the stigma associated with it seen a steep decline over the years.

Also, most of the parents see themselves and the family sharing “a lot” of responsibility to monitor and report a mental health concern. The responsibility attributed is higher than that attributed to mental health counselors, coaches or clubs, peers, and faculty, among others.

“While college staff may be physically closer, parents may be the first to become aware if there is an issue. Close lines of communication between parents and the university may offer an earlier warning to both sides when problems arise,” the report says.

When it comes to mental health resources available on campuses, nearly 89 percent of parents agree that there abundant as compared to the time when they were in college.

Recent studies have shown an overall increase in mental health problems experienced by students across the campuses. Anxiety and depression are the top two mental health concerns across all sectors with presidents at private nonprofit four-year institutions most likely to hear about students facing both the mental health issues.

A new study conducted by Indiana University found that students who take part in fun, peer-directed activities that openly and honestly address mental illnesses are most likely to reduce the stigma attached to these conditions.

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