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Lack of Housing Triggers Outrage at Clark Atlanta


Students set to return to Clark Atlanta University (CAU) are fuming over an announcement that on-campus housing options are still not available. Parents have also voiced their displeasure that CAU dormitories are still under renovation, leaving hundreds displaced. 

“It’s an error that Clark made, and they need to own it. They never gave us the indication that the building that the dorms they were supposed to stay in actually were under renovation,” Tewana Nelson, a parent who drove from North Carolina, told Fox 5 Atlanta.

As a temporary solution, hundreds of students and their families were moved to off-campus housing 2.5 miles away, while some were sent to hotel rooms paid for by CAU. However, parents argue that the school should have contacted them earlier about the housing problem instead of updating them once they had already packed. 

“They never contacted us prior to us leaving out of our home and bringing our children here and with no place to stay,” Nelson said.

Unsafe Conditions

More importantly, parents are anxious to leave their children in what they see as unsafe and unhealthy living conditions. 

“There’s bugs all in the refrigerator… there’s bugs all in the window seal. I have to travel nine hours back to Ohio but you want me to leave my child here? I don’t feel safe,” said Rosland Hawkins, another CAU parent. 

Johnson City Press reports that video parents took of the temporary housing showed that ceiling tiles were collapsing, bathrooms contain mold, and kitchen appliances look like they haven’t been cleaned. 

CAU released a statement saying that they are working to make the dormitories available to students. 

“Adversely affected students will receive a full 50% discount refund of the entire current semester room fee. Construction crews are working around the clock to complete renovations. We have secured off-campus housing and hotel accommodations for families at several Metropolitan Atlanta hotels within 15 minutes of campus until dorm rooms are ready for occupancy. Parking is also included,” the statement read.

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