Monday, June 14, 2021
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South Carolina HBCU Clinton College Cuts Tuition by 50 Percent


Clinton College in Rock Hill will be cutting tuition by 50 percent this fall semester to ease the financial strain on families negatively impacted by the pandemic.

Additionally, the South Carolina-based historically Black college will also be giving all students a brand new tablet.

Jocelyn Biggs, associate vice president of student enrollment for Clinton, said that the initiative is designed to help students continue their education. The pandemic may not be affecting them as much as before, but its economic impact is still being felt in the community.

”This is our way of saying you can still go to college at a reduced tuition amount and we’re here to help,” Biggs said.

Clinton also hopes to attract potential students with its reduced rates as the college accepts applications for Fall 2021.

Similar Tuition Programs

Other institutions have also looked into slashing tuition, halting tuition hikes, and cancelling student loan debt. 

In April, the Georgia Board of Regents voted to freeze tuition and fees for its public universities, using the $1 billion which the state received from the federal government. 

Denmark Technical College, also in South Carolina, announced a free tuition scholarship for the first 500 applicants that will enroll in the fall. Wilberforce University also confirmed that it plans to forgive around $375,000 in student loan debt for graduates in 2020 and 2021. 

However, there are states that have been unable to offer such assistance. The Montana Board of Regents recently approved tuition hikes for its state universities over the next two years for undergraduate and graduate students.

Mississippi state universities will also increase tuition to help deal with the financial challenges wrought by the coronavirus pandemic.

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