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Creighton University to go Test Optional Beginning in 2020


Omaha-based Creighton University is revamping its admissions process by making the submission of SAT and ACT scores optional for freshman applicants staring next year.

New students enrolling in programs other than nursing will have an option either to submit their test scores or not. However, standardized testing will remain a requirement for students who attended high school outside of the U.S. or who were home schooled.

“We maintain and value a holistic review of all submitted application materials,” Mary Chase, vice provost for enrollment management and strategic planning, said.

“We also believe the full evaluation of a high school record to be of critical importance to demonstrate a student’s preparedness and academic abilities over time. By eliminating required test scores, students applying for admission to Creighton will have the freedom to decide which information best represents their skills and college readiness.”

The university is making the change as a result of a collaborative effort between its offices of Enrollment Management and Diversity and Inclusion to remove any test bias or barriers for potential students.

“We are committed to access and inclusion and to celebrating a rich diversity of identities, backgrounds, and experiences,” Creighton University president Daniel Hendrickson said.

In the meantime, the university has encouraged students to continue taking the SAT, ACT and other standard collegiate admissions tests to contribute to its holistic admissions process and because they are required at many other selective colleges and universities.

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