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University of Denver to go Test Optional Beginning in 2020


To attract and enroll a more diverse student body, the University of Denver is making the submission of SAT or ACT scores optional for admission beginning in the fall of 2020.

Prospective applicants will have the chance to present an academic profile that best represents who they are as a student, with more of a focus on their individual high school performance.

“The University of Denver is committed to access, equity and diversity, and this decision strengthens that commitment,” chancellor Rebecca Chopp said in a statement.

“A test-optional admission process aligns with our strategic plan, DU IMPACT 2025, by removing barriers for those who may lack standardized test-prep resources but who are exceptional students.”

School officials believe that the standardized tests have a limited capacity to measure the intellectual capabilities of a student, and that high school grades are  often the best predictor of first-year college performance.

“Oftentimes an ACT or SAT score is more reflective of a student’s economic background and the resources of their school, rather than demonstrating the student’s academic abilities and college preparedness,” Todd Rinehart, vice chancellor for enrollment, said.

“We want to place our focus on curriculum and performance in school, and provide students the choice as to how their academic record is presented.”

In recent years, many universities and colleges have adopted test-optional policies, including the University of Chicago, American University, Ball State University, and Wake Forest University.

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