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Colby College Makes Standardized Tests Optional for New Applicants


Maine-based Colby College is revamping its admissions process to attract and enroll talented students of all backgrounds. The college is making submitting of SAT or ACT scores optional for its upcoming admission session.

The school is making the change after its research on recent classes found that its assessment tools – regardless of standardized tests scores – allow admission office to select and retain best of the talent who can navigate their path through the college curriculum.

“The demand for a Colby education has never been greater, but we are always looking for ways to enhance our ability to identify and enroll students who are most likely to contribute to and benefit from the distinctive education we offer,” college President David A. Greene said.

“Our goal continues to be to ensure that we are fully opening our doors to deserving and talented students of all backgrounds, including those whose talents are ideally suited for our education and success later in life but are not effectively measured by standardized tests,”

The college believes that the standardized tests have a limited capacity to measure the intellectual capabilities of a student and those who are from under-resourced backgrounds are always at the disadvantage as a result of the testing industry.

“Our test-optional policy is one part of a comprehensive program that aims to show high-achieving students that a Colby education is within reach,” Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Matt Proto said.

“We want to be able to consider all of these students for admission and to offer the most-qualified students everything they need to be able to attend.”

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