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Multiple East Virginia Colleges Receive Bomb Threat


Authorities are looking into several bomb threats made to colleges in eastern Virginia on Tuesday afternoon.

Threats were made against Norfolk State University (NSU), Tidewater Community College (TCC), Regent University, Virginia Peninsula Community College, and Paul D. Camp Community College. There were no explosives discovered at any of the campuses.

The latest scare comes amid a nationwide wave of threats against higher education institutions. Between January 4 and February 16, 57 schools received bomb threats. However, according to the FBI, no explosive devices have been discovered in connection with the threats.

Schools on the Radar

The Virginia Beach Police Department confirmed that Regent had received a bomb threat and that officers were searching the campus. Regent’s website posted an alert shortly after 12:30 PM, asking people to evacuate the campus until further notice.

According to the Chesapeake Fire Department, a caller reported a bomb in a backpack at TCC’s Cedar Road campus.

At 12:18 PM, Virginia Peninsula Community College police received a threat call, prompting them to notify Hampton police and fire. A K-9 unit searched Hastings Hall on the Hampton University campus but found no device. 

A university spokesperson at NSU said a call about a bomb in the administration building was made to Norfolk police shortly before noon. Students, faculty, and staff were evacuated, and police searched the building. No explosives were discovered, and the all-clear was issued at 1:17 PM.

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