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NASCAR Team Owner Gifts $1M to Eastern Michigan


Eastern Michigan University (EMU) has received a $1 million gift from former student and NASCAR racing team owner Jack Roush, the school announced Tuesday.

The donation will go towards boosting mathematics and automotive programs at EMU’s GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology.

Roush, who received his master’s degree in scientific mathematics at EMU, believes young people have a hard time marrying textbook knowledge with practical experience. 

“The GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology program’s hardware labs, focused on solving real world problems, meet that challenge,” he said, concluding that his gift “will optimize opportunities for students to gain vitally important hands-on experience.”

Next Steps

The Office of the Provost will administer the endowment to ensure optimum utilization.

The generous donation will be split into three divisions: $400,000 for math instruction and support, another $400,000 for the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology, and $200,000 to enhance the school’s automotive lab equipment.

The school will use the funding to prepare students for math-intensive engineering programs.

“It will help us maintain our recently acquired advanced equipment, and will reinforce research and teaching initiatives in automotive engineering, such as supporting existing and future student teams for projects like SAE Baja and SAE Formula competitions,” dean of the GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology, Mohammed Qatu, said.

The donation from Roush adds another feather to the cap in EMU’s “Give Rise” fundraising campaign. Started in 2016, the fundraiser hopes to reach $100 million, $20 million of which has been raised by the school’s alumni group GameAbove.

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