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Western Governors University Signs Agreement for Accessible Higher Ed


Western Governors University Texas (WGU) has signed an agreement with South Texas College (STC) to ease the transfer of students between the two schools.

On Monday, STC president Dr. Shirley A. Reed announced the signing of the new agreement which aims to make completing a bachelor’s and master’s degree easier for students, employees, and graduates.

“South Texas College students and employees are truly exceptional and eager to continue their college education,” Reed said. “This agreement for the seamless transfer from STC to WGU Texas with a discounted tuition is a great pathway for our students and employees to continue their education to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree.”

WGU Texas currently offers more than 60 accredited bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in information technology, business, health professions, and teaching. Students transferring from South Texas College will be eligible for exclusive partner scholarships, valued at up to $2,000, and a five percent discount on tuition to make receiving a college education accessible and affordable for everyone.

“WGU Texas is thrilled to expand its presence in the Rio Grande Valley by providing more STC students a seamless pathway to completing their bachelor’s degree and preparing them to enter some of the state’s most in-demand careers,” Dr. Steven Johnson, chancellor of WGU Texas, said.

Earlier this year, WGU signed a similar agreement with Alvin Community College to “maximize the transferability of coursework and credits.” The college also started a $50,000 scholarship program for students considering obtaining a college degree in 2019.

Last year in November, the university also devoted $750,000 in scholarships for veterans, active-duty military, reservists and military family members to honor their service to the nation.

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