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Private Colleges Team Up With Harvard to Offer Joint Business Program


The Michigan Colleges Alliance (MCA) is partnering with Harvard Business School Online to create a joint hybrid-learning program on Sustainable Business Strategy.

The alliance, which includes 14 independent, four-year colleges and universities, announced the extension of the collaboration to Harvard in order to offer another Sustainable Business Strategy course this fall.

Earlier this spring, more than 70 students from five private colleges which are part of the alliance took the blended course. The course featured curriculum from their own faculty and a similar course led by Harvard professor Rebecca Henderson.

“When we built this course, one of my hopes was that it could be utilized to educate young people about the important role that business has in tackling some of the challenging issues of our time,” Henderson said.

After finishing the course, students are expected to apply their acquired knowledge through projects with businesses that currently face sustainability challenges.

“The students and faculty from the MCA campuses who participated in this pilot are pioneers, and I look forward to seeing how they will apply the learnings from our course in their own communities,” she added.

Many students lauded the course for its pragmatic approach and interactive nature.

“The conversations with people in my group, from Bangladesh and Australia, helped me see different ways to apply and approach sustainability, and it is really amazing to be able to help a big global company like Wolverine solve a real sustainability problem,” Tyson Marsh, a senior at Aquinas College, said.

Some of the colleges currently participating in the program include Adrian College, Albion College, Andrews University, Aquinas College, and Spring Arbor University.

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