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University of Iowa Deregisters Acacia Fraternity Following Several Violations


The University of Iowa (UI) has deregistered its Acacia Fraternity for a long list of violations including providing alcohol to new members and criticizing members for their religious and political beliefs. 

According to an investigative report obtained by The Gazette through a public records request, “All new members were berated and called demeaning and misogynistic names at various times during Initiation Week.” 

These violations, which took place during the spring and fall of 2020, occurred while the fraternity was under probation for alcohol violations.

The fraternity has been accused of ordering new members to stay in the fraternity house attic and consume around 60 to 90 cans of beer, two to three bottles of vodka, and a gallon of Jungle Juice, as recorded in UI documents. 

According to the Assistant Dean of Students and Office of Student Accountability Director Angela Ibrahim-Olin, “The new members were intoxicated, and several needed medical attention.” Many got sick and “the whole house smelled like vomit.”

In light of these findings, the chapter has been suspended from campus through fall 2024.

Schools Clamping Down

Acacia also faced two reports of coronavirus violations in August.

This year, several fraternities and sororities across the US have been cited for flouting COVID-19 restrictions, such as exceeding maximum limits for gatherings and failing to comply with social distancing and mask protocols.

In November, a fraternity at Indiana University went on voluntary lockdown due to COVID-19 protocol violations. Members of the university’s Delta Upsilon fraternity were confirmed to have violated Monroe County Health Department public health guidelines.

Also, Pittsburgh’s Duquesne University informed all its fraternities and sororities of the suspension of Greek organization activity after “repeated and egregious” violations of COVID-19 restrictions.

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